You can help our foster youth with needed items while they are away at college. The South Carolina Foster Parents Association will provide sacks for you to fill up and send to college students all around the state. You may include notes of encouragement or information about your organization.

Pick a SACK from below or create your own!

School Supplies SACK

Paper, pens pencils, paper clip, stapler, staples,folders, binders, etc

Study Snack SACK

Sodas, crackers, chips, crackers, candy, bottled water, dried fruit, nuts, etc.

Entertainment SACK

Games, books, CD’s, DVD’s, movie passes, restaurant gift cards, grocery store gift cards, gas cards, Bible, etc.

Bathroom SACK

Comb, brush, hair products, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face wash, lotion, powder, etc.