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What is a Foster Care Community?

Of course, a foster care community includes foster parents and children in foster care as well as their biological parents and families.

We believe a Foster Care Community should be comprised of so much more!

We believe a Foster Care Community should also include people within a community dedicated to enriching the lives of children in foster care, their families and the foster parents who serve them by educating themselves and enlightening others within their respective community about foster care in order to reduce the stigma that is so often associated with it. 

Children in foster care feel ostracized and different due to no fault of their own, from simply being removed from their family of origin. These children often have lost everything familiar to them – their parent(s), their home, their toys, their school, their friends, and all too often, even their siblings.

It is vitally important for each community to come together and embrace children who find themselves in foster care. How, you may ask? Welcome them into your church; your neighborhood; your school; your home. Be kind to them. Let your children play with them. You may be asking, “Who wouldn’t do that?” You would truly be surprised….

Community leaders, such as first responders, hospitals, schools, churches, city/town officials, civic groups, and others:
Let’s come together to benefit the most vulnerable children within our communities. There are several ways you can be a part of your Foster Care Community!

As a Community Leader, you can recognize and help others recognize:

As a Community Leader, you can reach out to someone in charge within your particular agency, company, school, church, ... and make them aware:

SCFPA organized


Whether you need community service hours or simply have a heartfelt calling to help children in need, we have opportunities available. Whether placing yard signs and posters, providing backpacks and/or contents for the Pack a SACK (Sponsor a College Kid) program, or starting a foster/adoptive parent program within your SC based church or organization…we have something for everyone!

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