Kids Make Music

Mission Statement: To see that children in foster care get portable musical instruments and have music-related learning experiences that will stay with them wherever they go.

We are born with the capacity to enjoy and make music.

Its rhythms are those of our breathing, our heartbeat, our patterns of sleeping and waking. Ample research confirms the benefits of music-emotional, physical, developmental. Music can boost children's brain power and improve their memory. Making music with others teaches discipline, reasoning, social skills, teamwork, and spatial intelligence. Musical training and experience stimulate creativity.

Help us give our children something that can never be taken away from them!

Our children deserve music in their lives. It's the aim of Kids Make Music to help them do just what the name says. Here are some ways we can make music a meaningful part of our children's lives:

  • Kindermusik. Getting children involved in music and motion from birth into middle childhood, depending on the program in your area. There are many Kindermusik studios in the larger South Carolina cities.
  • Instruments. From small instruments to larger, we would like to see as many children and teens as possible have instruments that are theirs alone. These are never to be withheld as punishment, and they are to stay with children wherever they go for as long as they want them.
  • Instruction. We hope to find affordable and enjoyable lessons for any child who expresses an interest in them and to include basic written instructions with the simpler instruments that caregivers can help with as needed.
  • Concerts and other public events. Pop and rock, roots, classical, gospel, and other musical forms, or any mix of forms, can be stimulating and enjoyable learning experiences for kids of various ages. Student recitals are common at colleges, universities, and private studios and usually free. Movies with musical themes can also be entertaining and instructive.

If you want to help promote the program, there are several ways you can do so: