Striving for Excellence

A program of the South Carolina Foster Parent Association. It was designed to recognize students within resource families who have identified and are pursuing goals that will ensure a successful transition into adulthood.

James Christian
June 2020 (Additional)

This month, I accomplished a great milestone in my life – I graduated high school! Now that life has slowed down a bit, I realize just how busy my life had been. My siblings and I have been in foster care for three years. Before foster care, we lived with my aunt. When I first entered foster care, I lived in a group home for about two years. During my time there, I made a lot of friends, including my best friend. My friends and I broke some rules while there and we had to pay the price. Along the way, I met many adults that I was able to talk with and learn a lot of lessons from. I learned how to share my feelings that I normally protect from the world. I have been with my current foster family for ten months. They accept me for who I am, even when they do not agree with my choices. Instead of simply punishing me, they help me understand why my choice was not the best idea. They have also shown me that they are my family even though we are not blood related. I know that all of them are behind me in everything I do and, no matter what, they are not going to stop loving me. I would like to go to college to get a degree in nursing. When I have completed my degree, I would like to join the Army and possibly become a trauma surgeon in the military. When I was younger, my grandfather taught me how to fish and instilled in me a love for fishing. To this day, I still love to fish. I also like to play video games and basketball with my foster siblings and friends. Mostly, I like to sleep late!



Jasmine Shuler
June 2022

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Kyree Barker
March 2022

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