The decision to become foster parents to children and youth that have endured trauma and adverse experiences for most is an overwhelming yet joyful experience. The time you have with our children and youth, whether for a few days, a few months or longer, your impact is great!  It is you that provides safety, security, love, healing, hope and support to our children, youth, and their families. SCDSS is so incredibly grateful for the sacrifices you make each day and for making the decision to support foster care. The need for more licensed foster families in South Carolina continues to grow, specifically for foster families accepting of tweens, teens, sibling groups and bilingual families. You are our best recruiter! Please continue to share the need with friends, families, co-workers and in your community.

We have great news again this year regarding foster care board rates.  The General Assembly recently approved the regular board rates for South Carolina foster care to be increased, effective July 1, 2023 (to be paid in August 2023) as follows:

Regular Foster Family Rates & Non-Therapeutic Foster Care Rates:

Level of CareDaily RateMonthly Rate
Ages 0-5$ 21.47$ 644.00
Ages 6-12$ 25.07$ 752.00
Ages 13+$ 26.47$ 794.00

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact FPHelp@dss.sc.gov or call the Foster Parent Helpline at 803-898-4174.


Dawn Barton


Child Welfare Office of Permanency Management

South Carolina Department of Social Services




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Education and Health Passport

Please keep and maintain this Education and Health Passport while this child is in your care. Information should beupdated as information changes.