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Jada Moody-Davis, Pee Dee Kinship Care Coordinator

I am Jada Moody-Davis, Program Coordinator II, Kinship Care for the Pee Dee Region. Employed with SCDSS for over 20 plus years, I strive always to embody the core principles of “competence, courage, and compassion.” I take great pride in seeing South Carolina, from its inception to now, being lauded as a “Kin First State!” After having worked in multiple areas and programs at DSS, to say I have found my home in Kinship Care is an understatement. We “meet families where they are,” providing information, support and resources helping children who are unable to live with their biological families, thrive. At our very core we work to strengthen families. I am a professional and champion for Kinship Care. Together, we will continue to make a difference as we continue to step in and step up to support, encourage, inform and engage our families, child welfare staff and partners.
I always say, “It is never about One of Us but, All of Us!

#KinshipCare #Bettertogether



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