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2024 Local Foster Parent Association of the Year – Berkeley County FPA

During difficult times, when many, if not most, Local Foster Parent Associations were not meeting at all, the foster and adoptive parents in the Berkeley Foster Parent Association were steadfast in their dedication to DSS and the needs of its people. From car seats to snacks to gift cards to air mattresses and other items, President, Cindy Bogan-Baber along with her trusty sidekick, husband Jim, and other Berkeley County foster parents, maintained support for their county office. 

Berkeley County Director, Valerie Davis, told us, “The commitment and passion displayed by this very special group of community partners reflect their dedication to our children and their well-being.  We are proud to call you our partners and will continue to support you in every way!  Congratulations!”

This group continues to support DSS and come together regularly for support and mentoring, while creating recruitment opportunities for new foster families as well as reach out to families currently in process if there are questions that arise.

Congratulations, Berkeley County Families! We appreciate you!



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