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SCFPA provides these links as a resource to foster families. Some of the links are for information only and not training opportunities, such as video links on the NFPA website. You should ask your Family Support Coordinator about any trainings you wish to take online to make sure that relicensure hours can be counted.

  • Training Programs
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SCFPA Training.

MUSC Children's Hospital Foster Care Support Clinic

USC's Children's Law Center Online Training

Palmetto Health Special Care Center

South Carolina Joint Council on Children and Adolescents

  • Online training available through the South Carolina Joint Council on Children and Adolescents.
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National Foster Parent Association

Other Training Offered

What is the definition of training?
For the purposes of the foster parent recertification standards and guidelines “training” means a planned and organized activity designed to impart skills, techniques, and methodologies to a foster parent or a group of foster parents to assist in maintaining the safety, stability, and well-being of foster children who reside within their home (adapted from definition at All recertification training must be relevant to the foster care process; caring for the child in foster care; meeting the emotional, physical, or educational needs of the child in foster care; or the impact fostering has on the foster family. Unrelated training hours will not be accepted toward foster care recertification.

How many recertification hours do I need?
Each foster parent must complete 28 recertification hours during each 2-year licensing period.

Can I watch television programs or read articles and count those hours?
No, the training standards specifically prohibit the viewing of standard television programs or the reading of articles from popular magazines or daily newspapers to comply with the completion of pre-service or annual foster parent training requirements. (S.C. Code of Laws, Section 20-7- 1643)

What training options do I have, and are there limitations on the number of hours I can earn?
  • Foster parents may obtain up to 8 recertification hours per 2-year licensing period for online training from the National Foster Parent Association or any training site linked on their website.
  • Foster parents may obtain up to 8 recertification hours per 2-year licensing period for completing mail-in home study modules provided by Palmetto Health Special Care Center located at 1924 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29202; Irene Mack at 803-434-2300; and Baptist Easley Pediatric TEAM Center, contact Susie F. Peden, BSN, MHSA, Education Coordinator,, (864) 442-7482.
  • Foster parents may obtain unlimited training recertification hours for attending foster care–related training or conferences offered by a State DSS approved provider. All 28 recertification training hours may be obtained under this option.
  • Foster parents who actively participate in meetings specifically related to the child in their care may obtain up to 4 recertification hours per 2-year licensing period. Documentation must be maintained in order for the foster parent to receive credit for these hours. The Individualized/Personalized Instruction Documentation Form has been created for this purpose. The foster parent must have the professional whom they are meeting with complete this form as proof of participation.
  • Foster parents may obtain up to 4 recertification hours per 2-year licensing period by attending training aimed at strengthening their family.
  • No more than 8 recertification hours can be claimed on the same topic delivered by the same presenter during a 2-year licensing period.
  • A maximum of 4 recertification hours may be carried over from one 2-year licensing period to the next.
  • Foster parents will receive recertification hours for any SCDSS mandated training that they attend.
If I attend parenting classes provided by a local group like Parents Anonymous or Triple P, can I count that time?
Yes; however, there are limits on the amount of time you can count. These classes have been placed under the category of Strengthening the Family, and there is a limit of 4 hours per 2-year licensing period within this category. You must provide documentation of your attendance to your licensing worker. There are two forms located on this website that you can print and have the group facilitator complete: one specifically for Parents Anonymous meetings and the other for other groups.

What if I participate in a webinar workshop?
As long as you can interact with the trainer and the webinar is live, the hours you can obtain are unlimited; however, if you are viewing a pre-recorded webinar and cannot interact directly with the trainer, it will count as on-line training and be subject to the 8-hour limit.

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